The feren OS team has rolled feren OS 2019.07, another stable snapshot for Linux Mint based GNU/Linux distribution. In addition to the package updates from upstream distribution, feren OS 2019.07 snapshots bring some visible changes. This includes updated wallpaper collection, improved icon set, redesigned boot screen and much more.

Browser Manager in Feren OS Browser Manager in Feren OS

The visible highlights in feren OS 2019.07 release are captured below.

  • Just like in previous snapshots, this release also brings some fresh wallpapers. Some of these wallpapers are intended for upcoming feren OS NEXT.
  • The Inspire icon theme, which is default in feren OS, is restructured and it includes some new icons.
  • The feren OS repository keyring is updated as the old keyring was accidentally deleted by the author. This change might require some manual intervention if trying to update from an existing installation.
  • The boot screen is updated with a KDE neon inspired theme. It fixes some dirty issues discovered with the previous boot screen. Still, if you fancy old boot screen, you can install it from repositories.

Changes in feren OS NEXT

Feren OS NEXT is an experimental snapshot of feren OS. It features Plasma Desktop with the good qualities of feren OS. With this release, feren OS NEXT is marked as beta, which is another footstep towards the final release.

The main changes in feren OS NEXT release includes,

  • Plasma 5.16 which comes with a set of changes including a revamped notification system for users.
  • The login screen and lock screen has been updated to ensure consistency across the OS.
  • The Cupertino layout is updated with application menu shortcut on the bottom dock and USwitcher (User Switcher) on the top panel.
  • Official feren OS light themes are now included in feren OS NEXT.
  • OOBS - The single click customization wizard in feren OS is included in NEXT release also.

For further details on each update, read the official feren OS 2019.07 release announcement.

The following section showcases some screenshots captured on feren OS 2019.07. This is the first time I explore feren OS, as it takes a very very long time download installation images.

Video Preview

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