On 4th October 2021, Mr. Feren OS Dev has announced the release of Feren OS 2021.10. Feren OS 2021.10 is a regular release in the project’s quarterly release and brings the latest package updates from the upstream repositories. Also, Feren OS 2021.10 introduces some changes over the previous snapshot.

Feren OS 2021.10 featured image

What is new in Feren OS 2021.10?

The following section lists the noteworthy highlights in Feren OS 2021.10 after the previous snapshot in July 2021.

  • Introduces some fresh wallpaper and removes some of the outdated/unavailable wallpapers.
  • Redesigns the login screen to ensure a smoother transition between the login screen and the desktop.
  • Introduces Firefox in the web browser manager - with a new configuration named firefox-config-feren. This offers some customizations which will make the firefox experience better.
  • The human theme is now based on Yaru’s light color scheme.
  • Feren OS has changed the default versioning scheme to not have SNAPSHOT. Now, it will be having the format YYYYMM format to indicate the year and month of the release.

How to update into Feren OS 2021.10?

If you are an existing user of Feren OS 2021.10, you will be able to update the system using the Update Manager. In case of any issues, you can read the update guidelines prepared by the Feren OS team.

Video Preview

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