On 26th December 2019, the Feren OS Dev has announced the release of the Feren OS December 2019 snapshot. This is the first release of Feren OS that features Plasma as the main desktop.

As the Plasma Edition is coming as the mainstream Feren OS, the Cinnamon Edition will be continued with the name Feren OS Classic.

Feren OS 2019.12 Preview

Feren OS 2019.12 will be known by the code name Yttrium, after the 39th element in the periodic table. The main highlights in Feren OS and Feren OS Classic Editions are briefed below.

  • The mainstream desktop is now Plasma. It will provide more flexibility and productivity.
  • A proper light theme
  • The default theme is improved to provide a better visual experience.
  • Qt applications now look more consistent with the Gtk applications. This is done by providing a theme with the Kvantum theme engine that looks more like a Gtk theme in the Plasma eco-system.
  • A fresh set of wallpapers.
  • Transfer Tool v2 for backing up files from Windows.
  • The custom themes on the Vivaldi browser is removed, except the title bar. The default search engine is now - StartPage instead of DuckDuckGo.
  • Feren OS theme utility extends from Plasma theme settings and provides more options to customize the system theming.
  • Global Menu feature is now back.
  • The Simple Menu returns
  • It also brings a titled menu for providing familiar user experience.
  • The layouts roster was heavily stripped down to provide a better focus on quality over quantity. Now there are only 6 predefined layouts available.
  • and more.

For a complete list of changes in Feren OS 2019.12 snapshot and the updated instructions, proceed to original release announcement.