The GhostBSD team has announced the release of GhostBSD 24.04.1, introducing various new features, enhancements, and bug fixes aimed at improving the overall user experience. In their announcement, they expressed gratitude to all contributors who reported issues and provided valuable input for this latest release.

GhostBSD 24.04.1 featured image

Key Highlights of GhostBSD 24.04.1

According to the announcement, GhostBSD 24.04.1 is the second release under FreeBSD 14 stable. The system has been updated to version 1400510, and the MATE desktop environment has been updated to 1.28.1. The team highlighted several key improvements and updates included in this release:

Enhancements, Improvements, New Features, and Updates

  • The ig4 module should now be loaded by default.
  • A new message has been added to the admin user setup to warn users of important configuration steps.
  • The signal-desktop app has been added to GhostBSD.
  • Numerous MATE desktop components have been updated to their 1.28.x versions.
  • Bug fixes include correcting a Russian translation mistake in Update Station and adding detection for ZFS file systems to avoid unnecessary backup attempts.

How to Get GhostBSD 24.04.1

The GhostBSD team indicated that users could download GhostBSD 24.04.1 from the official GhostBSD website. Existing users can upgrade to the latest version via the system’s update manager.

Download GhostBSD 24.04.01