On 22nd September 2021, the GNOME Foundation has announced the release of GNOME 41. GNOME 41 is a stable release of the GNOME project and is the second release after introducing the new versioning scheme. GNOME 41 is a result of 6 months of development effort by the GNOME members and the community contributors across the world.

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GNOME 41 brings improvements to the multi-tasking workflow, GNOME Software, and it improves power management.

What’s new in GNOME 41?

The salient features in the GNOME 41 release are as follows.

  • GNOME 41 introduces several improvements to the developers. In addition to the updated Builder IDE and GTK 4 library, there is a new website for the developers. Also, there are significant changes in Human Interface Guidelines.
  • In GNOME 40, there was a Power Mode introduced to help the users to choose between balanced, performance-focused, and power-saving modes
  • This is extended to the next level in GNOME 41. Users can switch the power modes from the system menu, and the power saving mode is now more power saving.
  • GNOME Software has received a complete overhaul for GNOME 41, making it look and work better than ever before. Every aspect of the
  • Software app is redesigned to improve the user experience. Also, there are under the hood performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • GNOME 41 introduces a new Multitasking settings panel, which includes window management and workspace options.
  • GNOME 41 introduces a new Connections app, a new remote desktop client.
  • GNOME 41 introduces a new Mobile Network settings panel. It works with 2G, 3G, 4G, and GSM/LTE modems.
  • GNOME is continually working to improve performance, responsiveness, and smoothness.
  • Music has been given a round of UI updates for GNOME 41
  • and more.

For a complete list of updates in the GNOME 41 release, see the official release notes on the project’s website.

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Courtesy: GNOME 41 release notes

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