The GNOME project is proud to announce the release of GNOME 44, code-named “Kuala Lumpur”. The latest release of the open-source desktop environment is packed with substantial improvements, new features, and bug fixes. The release is a result of six months of hard work by the GNOME team. Some of the key highlights of this release include improved Settings app, better quick settings menu, streamlined Software app, and new File Chooser Grid View.

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One of the most positively received changes in GNOME 44 is the File Chooser Grid View. Users have repeatedly requested that a grid view be added to the file chooser dialogs for easy selection of files based on their thumbnails. This latest release has finally answered the request. The new grid view is available in file choosers that use GTK4.

File choose grid view

GNOME 44 features reworked settings panels, including Device Security, Accessibility, Sound, and Mouse & Touchpad. The Accessibility settings have been redesigned and now feature new settings sections that are easier to navigate. The over-amplification setting, option to enable accessibility features using the keyboard, test area for the cursor blinking setting, and a new setting to make scrollbars always visible are some of the new features in the Accessibility settings.

Updated settings panel

The Sound settings have been enhanced with a new alert sound window that makes it easy to browse available sounds. The volume level control has been moved into a separate window, making the more commonly used output and input controls easier to access. In Mouse & Touchpad settings, a new testing window, a new Mouse Acceleration setting, and tick marks in the different sliders are some of the new features added.

The quick settings menu has been improved with a Bluetooth quick settings button that now shows which devices are connected, as well as allowing devices to be connected and disconnected. The menu now lists apps which have been detected to be running without an open window.

The streamlined Software app in GNOME 44 offers a smoother and faster experience. Pages for each software category are displayed more quickly, and reloading of pages has also been reduced. The app now has improved support for next-generation software formats: Flatpak runtimes are now automatically removed when not needed, and image-based operating system updates have both progress information and descriptions.

The Files app in GNOME 44 comes with a collection of improvements, including the option to expand folders in list view, additional options for tabs, and an increased number of grid view sizes.

In addition to these new features, GNOME 44 has a collection of smaller Settings improvements. The release notes below have more details about the new features and bug fixes.

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