On 14th September 2021, the Kali Linux project has announced the release of Kali Linux 2021.3. Kali Linux 2021.3 is the 3rd quarterly release of the penetration testing and hacking distribution in 2021. This release comes with several exciting highlights and package updates.

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What’s new in Kali Linux 2021.3

The noteworthy improvements in Kali Linux 2021.3 are as follows:

  • The OpenSSL in Kali 2021.3 enables communication with systems using older protocols such as TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 and other legacy ciphers. This will help Kali users to target a wide range of machines. And give the opportunity to attack machines having older protocols and algorithms. This option can be changed from Kali Tweaks.
  • With the release of Kali 2021.3, the Kali Linux team is introducing a fresh documentation suite. The Kali Tools will enable the users to have access to documentation in a more organized manner. It can be modified by the users. Once the documentation is mature enough, it will be available in Kali releases for offline access.
  • Kali Linux is now more optimized to work on Virtual Machines. It allows easy copy and pastes between guest and host machines. Also, from Kali Tweaks, users can now enable Hyper-V session enhanced mode
  • Introducing new tools such as
    • Berate_ap - Orchestrating MANA rogue Wi-Fi Access Points
    • CALDERA - Scalable automated adversary emulation platform
    • EAPHammer - Targeted evil twin attacks against WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi networks
    • HostHunter - Recon tool for discovering hostnames using OSINT techniques
    • RouterKeygenPC - Generate default WPA/WEP Wi-Fi keys
    • Subjack - Subdomain takeover
    • WPA_Sycophant - Evil client portion of EAP relay attack
  • Introducing the world’s first Kali NetHunter smartwatch, the TicHunter Pro. This is still in the experimental phase, and only USB attacks are available.
  • Kali NetHunter to Android 11 devices without a fully working TWRP!
  • Each Kali NetHunter image can be flashed as a Magisk module. This work is still in its infancy and more work is needed to bring it up to par with the traditional installer through TWRP.
  • Improvements on desktop themes

For further reading, see the Kali Linux 2021.3 release announcement on the project’s website.

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Video Preview

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