On 18th July 2020, the KaOS team has announced the release of KaOS 2020.07. This latest monthly stable snapshot of KaOS features Plasma 5.19, and other noteworthy improvements.

KaOS 2020.07 Preview

The Plasma 5.19 experience in KaOS 2020.07 release brings a consistent design and header for system tray applets and notifications. Other highlights in KaOS 2020.07 snapshot are as below.

  • Improved Calamares installer, which now depends on QML files as much as possible. If any extension/change is required, it is as easy as modifying QML files. The welcome module and keyboard layout module in Calamares installer depend on QML file input.
  • The team has Included a few more firmware and applications in KaOS repositories. Among these, sof-firmware helps to support newer sound cards, and new applications include Photoflare, the music player VVave (the successor of Babe), and Kdiff3.
  • Updated packages including Linux 5.7.8 and Qt 5.15.0.
  • Improved Midna theme used in KaOS
  • A well-integrated KSplash screen, and SDDM theme.

For more updates, read through the official KaOS 2020.07 release announcement published in the project’s blog.

KaOS 2020.07 screenshots

Video Preview

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