Lubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster is a regular release from Lubuntu. It is the 24th release of Lubuntu and the tenth release after moving to the LXQt desktop environment. Lubuntu 23.04 includes LXQt 1.2 with some component updates from LXQt 1.2.1 point release.

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What’s new in Lubuntu 23.04?

In addition to the core improvements on Ubuntu 23.04, Lubuntu 23.04 has some noteworthy highlights, as mentioned below.

  • LXQt 1.2.0
  • Qt 5.15.8
  • Mozilla Firefox is shipped in the snap package
  • LibreOffice 7.5
  • VLC 3.0.18
  • Featherpad 1.3.5
  • Discover Software Center 5.27.3

Download Lubuntu 23.04

Lubuntu 23.04 is available to download from the official website. It is available as torrent or as ISO file. Download Lubuntu 23.04 (ISO) Download Lubuntu 23.04 TORRENT

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Video Preview

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