The Mauna Linux developers has announced the release of Mauna Linux 24.1 - latest quarterly update from the project featuring latest firmware updates and drivers. This release also features Calamares installer for a seamless installation experience.

Mauna Linux 24.1 featured image

What’s new in Mauna Linux 24.1?

Following section briefly explains the noteworthy higlights in the Mauna Linux 24.1 release.

  • Mauna Linux 24.1 introduces the Calamares installer. It is now possible to install Mauna with BTRFS, which saves space and amicably improves system performance. Also, Calamaras enables installation on TPM 2.0 systems.
  • Mauna features the latest firmware updates for better compatibility with new computers and laptops.
  • All packages in Mauna are updated in from Debian Bookworm repositories as of 31st January 2024. The main updates are listed below.
    • Firefox 122.0;
    • Kernel 6.1.69
    • OnlyOffice 7.5.1
    • GIMP 2.10.36
    • VLC 3.0.20
    • Calamares 3.2.61
    • Firmware 2024.01.15
    • Cinnamon Desktop 5.8.3
    • LXQt Desktop 1.2.0
    • MATE Desktop 1.26
    • Mauna Update 1.0.5
    • About Mauna 1.0.4

For further information on Mauna Linux 24.1, see the official release announcement.

Download Mauna Linux 24.1