MX Linux, a popular Linux distribution, has released MX-23, which is built from Debian 12 “bookworm” and MX repositories. It offers multiple desktop versions, including Xfce 4.18, Fluxbox 1.3.7, and KDE/Plasma 5.27, catering to various user preferences.

MX-23 featured image

MX-23 offers better accessibility with the Orca screen reader and screen magnifier tools like Magnus and Kmag. MX Tools have been updated with bug fixes and enhancements, with individual policy kit configurations for launching tools.

MX-23 introduces the “User Installed Packages” application, facilitating the migration of packages from one system to another. The MX Snapshot allows users to customize their snapshot boot options easily.

Some noteworthy changes include the use of pipewire & wireplumber instead of pulseaudio and enabling the UFW firewall by default.

MX-23 also offers improved localization and translation across multiple languages, offering a more inclusive experience.

In MX-23 the default init system remains sysVinit, with systemd available as a boot option on installed systems.

For further information on MX-23 release, see the official release announcement on projects website.

MX-23 Xfce flavor screenshots

Video Preview

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