Mr Dolphin Oracle on behalf of MX team has announced the release of MX-17.1, the latest stable snapshot of Debian based GNU/Linux distribution striving to provide a robust desktop experience with highly customized Xfce Desktop environment. This release includes various updated packages from the base distribution, along with some bleeding edge applications and improved MX applications.

A preview of MX-17.1 Desktop

What is MX Linux or MX?

MX Linux is a Debian stable based operating system providing solid desktop experience. This project is inspired by the ideas established by antiX and MEPIS operating systems. It provides a stable, reliable and consistent computing ecosystem without consuming much of system resources. You can find more about MX Linux in our gallery.

What is new in MX-17.1?

MX-17.1 is an updated snapshot in MX-17.x series. It includes all changes occurred in the base distribution, ie, Debian stretch since it’s initial release. Additionally, MX-17.1 includes some bleeding edge applications and some updated applications developed by the MX project itself.

The main highlights of MX-17.1 release can be summarized as:

  • Includes Linux Kernel 4.15.0 in both 64 bit and 32-bit flavors. The 64-bit flavor includes patches for meltdown and spectre issues. While 4.15.0 is the default Kernel, users can easily switch between the latest liquorix kernel or Debian Stable Kernel (4.9) using MX package installer.
  • Includes latest updates from Debian 9.4, antiX and MX repositories.
  • Various updated packages like
    • Browser: Firefox 58.0.2 (59 hitting repo soon via update)
    • Video Player: VLC 2.2.8-2 (3.0 in test repo)
    • Music Manager/Player: Clementine 1.3.1
    • Email client: Thunderbird 52.6
    • Office suite: LibreOffice 6.0.1
    • Backup: LuckyBackup 0.4.9-1
    • Security: Passwords and Keys 3.20.0-3.1
    • Terminal: Xfce4 Terminal 0.8.3-1
  • The MX-Updater tools now includes an auto update feature which enables background update operation without user intervention.
  • Includes MX-Live-USB-Maker which is a functional front end to antiX live usb maker utility and dd.
  • MX-Tweaks includes a Config Options tab to reset lightdm customizations and thunar actions

Where can I download MX-17.1 images?

MX-17.1 images can be downloaded from following links


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