Mr. Leszek of the Neptune project has announced the release of Neptune 5.4. It is the latest updated snapshot in Neptune 5.x series. It brings a set of updated packages and applications and avoids the need for the bulk package update after installing the operating system.

In addition to package updates and critical bug fixes, Neptune 5.4 brings a fresh look and feel with an improved dark theme. This dark theme also includes a modified version of Faenza icon theme. Neptune 5.4 also brings Linux Kernel 5.16.x. It ensures better hardware support.

A file picture of Neptune 5.0 A file picture of Neptune 5.0

Other highlights from Neptune 5.4 include,

  • the update of KDE Frameworks to version 5.48 and KDE Applications to version 18.04.3. As the new KF5 version is not compatible with Qt 5.7 anymore we had to backport its patches to version 5.45.
  • VLC has been updated to 3.0.3 to provide more speed and lots of bugfixes.
  • Thunderbird 52.9 fixes issues with encrypted HTML e-mails. The Excalibur menu is now available in version 2.7 which provides some bugfixes in regards to multiple activities and moving favorites around.
  • KWin the default window manager for Plasma got an update to version 5.12.5. This offers some nice speed improvements as well as some updated effects and better hardware support.
  • LibreOffice is now available in version 6.0.6. We fixed an issue with MTP causing issues to share files with Android devices.
  • Enlightenment 22 is now available in Version 0.22.3 together with Terminology 1.2.1.

You can find further information in Neptune 5.4 release announcement and Neptune 5.4 changelogs.