The Peppermint OS team has announced the release of Peppermint ISO files with the Debian Bookworm base. The Devuan-based images will be available later this year.

Peppermint OS Debian Bookworm featured image

The current Peppermint OS release brings all package updates from the Debian Bookworm repositories. Additionally, it includes Peppermint specific enhancements which are briefly highlighted below.

  • Branding has been refreshed to give it a new and modern look.
  • The design of New Plymouth has been revamped to enhance its visual appeal and functionality.
  • The Welcome screen has been fine-tuned based on valuable user feedback. Certain features have been removed or added to improve user experience.
  • Peppermint Docs has been updated to provide the latest information and ensure accuracy.
  • Peppermint Hub has undergone adjustments based on user feedback. Features have been added or removed to better meet user needs.
  • The suggested feature has been simplified based on user feedback, making it more user-friendly and accessible.
  • Kumo has been updated to utilize lua and its graphical user interface (GUI) has been simplified, enhancing its usability.
  • Neofetch has been configured to use a basic output without any logo, resulting in a cleaner and simpler presentation.
  • The operating system’s base has been upgraded to Debian Bookworm stable, providing a more stable and reliable foundation.
  • The Calamares installer no longer installs packages during the installation process. This change was implemented in response to user feedback indicating that selecting too many packages would cause installation delays or failures. Therefore, the module responsible for package installation has been removed.
  • Several Marawaita themes and Tela Icons have been added to expand the customization options available to users.

For further information, see the Peppermint OS Bookworm release announcement on the project’s website.

Download Peppermint OS Bookworm

Peppermint OS Bookworm images are available for download from the project’s sourceforge directory.

Download Peppermint OS Bookworm 64 BIT

Download Peppermint OS Bookworm 32 BIT