The Slax Author has published a minor release in Slax 9.x series. The Slax 9.11.0 release includes all updates from Debian 9.11 Jessy release and some additional tweaks to fix some user experience issues.

Busy desktop in Slax

It is not based on Debian 10 yet!

Debian 10 is there for a while now. Still, Slax is not rebased to Debian. Mr Tomas - the Slax Developer - is doing some groundworks for moving to Debian 10. It will take some more time as there are multiple things to manage when rebasing the distribution. Till then, Slax releases will be based on Debian Jessy only.

What changed in Slax 9.11.0?

As a minor release, there is not much to explain about Slax 9.11.0 features. The main changes are listed below.

  • Updated to most recent packages from Debian stretch
  • Disabled screen blanking on console and for X
  • Fixed PXE server script ‘/usr/bin/pxe’ to pick first gateway if there are more than one configured

You may also explore the Slax 9.9.1 release announcement in our gallery for a set of screenshots.