The Sparky Linux team has unveiled the latest iteration of their semi-rolling iso images, Sparky 2024.02. Packed with updates, fixes, and exciting new features, this release promises to elevate your Linux experience to new heights. Let’s delve into the details of what’s in store for users in this latest release.

Sparky Linux 2024.02 featured image

Main Changes in Sparky 2024.02

In this update, Sparky Linux aligns closely with Debian testing repositories, bringing all packages up to date as of February 11, 2024. Key upgrades include the Linux kernel version 6.6.13, Grub 2.12, and Pipewire 1.0.3, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with the latest hardware and software.

Sparky CLI Installer Enhancements

One of the notable improvements is the resolution of the CLI Installer issue related to installing Sparky on btrfs and xfs file systems. With the addition of xfs and btrfs file systems back to the installer, users can now seamlessly install Sparky on these platforms. Furthermore, the installer now offers an option to forego setting a root password, simplifying the installation process and enhancing user convenience.

Enhancements to Sparky Backup

Sparky Backup receives significant enhancements in this release, including the creation of EFI compatible ISOs even when grub-efi debs are not present. This ensures broader compatibility with EFI machines, catering to the diverse hardware landscape. Additionally, memtest86+ has been added to the live EFI boot menu, along with uEFI firmware setup options, providing users with greater control and diagnostic capabilities.

Other Notable Changes

Several user experience improvements have been implemented, such as Sparky Locker no longer starting automatically, allowing users to launch it from the desktop menu at their convenience. Moreover, adjustments have been made to the closure mechanism of Yad windows, preventing conflicts with other running Yad-based applications. Additionally, Sparky Tray, which provides quick access to system tools, has been fixed to ensure seamless functionality.

For further information on Sparky Linux 2024.02, read the official release announcement in the project’s website.