The SpiralLinux project has announced its latest release, version 12.231001. The Spiral Linux uses Debian 12 as the base and includes a newer kernel from Debian Backports to ensure compatibility with newer hardware. The goal of Spiral Linux is to make it easy for users to use Linux with various desktop environments, and this release includes ISO images for Cinnamon, XFCE, Gnome, Plasma, Mate, Budgie, and LXQt.

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About SpiralLinux

SpiralLinux is a collection of Linux versions based on Debian GNU/Linux. It focuses on making Linux simple to use right from the start, no matter which desktop environment. Spiral Linux is created by the creator of GeckoLinux another collection based on openSUSE.

What’s New in SpiralLinux 12.231001

  1. Improved Audio with Pipewire: In this release, all editions of SpiralLinux come with Pipewire configured for low-latency audio (just 5.3ms by default). This setup is ideal for JACK-compatible live audio applications, even on regular consumer hardware. The creator has fine-tuned the Pipewire configuration specifically for SpiralLinux, including essential system tweaks for better performance. If you want to make the most of low-latency JACK compatibility, simply run “sudo systemctl enable cpupower” to enable the optimal performance CPU governor.

  2. Enhanced Mouse and Touchpad Control: Spiral Linux is switched to the libinput library by default for mouse and touchpad control. This change brings important improvements, especially when it comes to disabling laptop trackpads while typing.

  3. Snapper Disk Usage Limits: The Snapper configuration is adjusted to use no more than 40% of available disk space for automatic Btrfs snapshots. This allocation is divided into a maximum of 20% for system rollback snapshots and 20% for user data snapshots in the /home/ directory.

  4. Font Rendering and Theming: Spiral Linux has paid close attention to the details of theming for GTK3, GTK4, and Qt apps in each edition. The aim is to ensure a visually coherent and highly legible experience, considering the unique characteristics and limitations of each toolkit on various desktop environments. We’ve also prioritized font legibility, contrast, and rendering, making sure you have a usable and readable interface, even with a mix of Debian-packaged apps and Flatpaks using different toolkits.

  5. Other Minor Improvements and Fixes: Spiral Linux addresses various minor issues and made several enhancements to improve your overall experience with SpiralLinux.

For more information, you can visit our issue tracker on the official SpiralLinux website. Download SpiralLinux 12.231001 today and enjoy a reliable and user-friendly Debian-based Linux system with your favorite desktop environment!

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