Debian - The Universal Operating System is an independently developed GNU/Linux distribution. Debian is probably the largest operating system in terms of the number of packages, contributors and the number of distributions derived from it.

The Debian project was started in August 1993 by Ian Murdock. The main idea objective behind the Debian is to create a free operating system following the principles of GNU and Linux. Debian started as a small, tightly knit group of Free Software hackers and gradually evolved to a large, well-organized community of developers and users.

Debian works as a parent for many GNU/Linux distribution, including Ubuntu. The operating systems inheriting from Debian enjoys large collection of packages from the Debian reposistories.

There are three well known version of Debian.

  • Stable: The latest officially released Debian with thoroughly tested packages. This release is for people and groups who looks for extreme stability.
  • Testing: Release with packages which are in testing. The packages in this release are under testing, and is in queue to become stable.
  • Unstable - The development branch of Debian where the active development take place. It is for people who looks for bleeding edge distribution. Debian unstable is always known by the code name Sid.

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