Today Ubuntu Budgie team has announced the immediate availability of a new budgie applet for managing USB storage devices. This applet is named as DropBy and is a part of budgie-extras applet collection developed by Ubuntu Budgie team.

First preview of DropBy

The DropBy applet will pop-up when a USB storage devices are connected to the system. It provides various options to manage connected devices, which includes the ability to mount/unmount devices, copy contents, open devices using default file manager ..etc.

DropBy is expected to find it’s first release with a few more polishing activities. Once it’s ready, it will be made available through Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 backport repositories. It can also be installed using Budgie Welcome, a multipurpose app created by Ubuntu Budgie team.

Mr. Jacob joined Ubuntu Budgie team, a few months back. Since then, he was working on budgie-extras, a handy collection of budgie applets to serve various purposes. So far, it includes applets like

  • Window Previews
  • Hotcorners
  • Quicknote
  • Workspace Switcher Overview
  • Wallpaper Switcher
  • Workspace Mover
  • ShowTime
  • CountDown
  • Automatic Keyboard Layout Switcher
  • Screen Rotation Lock
  • ClockWorks
  • and now DropBy

Citing from original text shared by Ubuntu Budgie in their facebook page.

Team member Jacob has been busy again - another optional applet you may wish to use called “DropBy”. This one automatically pops up whenever a USB device is added. You can mount/unmount, copy the USB device contents and open in Files all from the popup. Nice! Well done Jacob 😁

Will be polishing in the next few days and will release to the 17.10 backports PPA and you can use budgie-welcome to install.