Mr. David has announced the release of Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 with the code name Hirsute Hippo. Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 is a regular release of Ubuntu’s official flavor featuring the Budgie Desktop environment. Following the release cycle of Ubuntu regular releases, Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 will be having a support period of 9 months.

Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 featured image

In addition to the bug fixes and improvements from Ubuntu 21.04 Foundation, Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 also features Budgie Desktop-specific improvements and updated budgie applets.

The main highlights of the Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 release are as follows,

  • Introduces Ubuntu Budgie Raspberry Pi image.
  • Updated budgie desktop
  • Layouts capability of our Window Shuffler
  • Refinement to Ubuntu Budgie in-house made titling applet
  • Updated Mojave and Whitesur makeover in Budgie Themes & Layouts.
  • Introducing budgie-clipboard-applet, and budgie-analogue-applet

Ubuntu Budgie Hirsute Hippo screenshots

Video Preview

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