Mr Theehman, core developer of Ultimate OS has announced release of Ultimate 5.0 Gamers edition, latest stable release of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution specifically developed for gamers. This release ships numerous games of reasonable quality.

Ultimate Edition 5.0 Gamers is mainly targeting hard core gamers and you may not find it pretty as the regular releases. During the development, Theehman and Mcginnis has worked hard to strip down the OS to the core and then various packages were included to serve the needs of a gamer.

Ultimate Edition Banner

The Gamers OS gives optimal performance when it is installed and some of the games shipped will require heavy data download (upto 5 GB) and proprietary graphical drivers. While some other games are very simple and can run without special graphic card drivers.

I don’t typically have time to play games, that may change in the future. With a AMD RyZen CPU & Vega GPU on my Itinerary. Both free, I will sell AMD stock to get both for free. I paid 0 for the stock is how it is free. Let me try and queue you in. I convinced a co-worker to invest in AMD back when it was $6.97 a share November 21st I believe at $30,000 (4,043 shares). I did not ask for money. He offered me 2 days later $5,000 for the tip. I turned it down. I wanted stock. I have stock in AMD. I know where they are going. As a bonus to him I will tell him when to sell.

For more details, see release announcement published in Ultimate Edition blog.

Download Ultimate Edition 5.0 Gamers