Inspired by the wide reach of Uruk 1.0, the Uruk project has announced the release of Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0. This is the second release of 100% libre GNU/Linux distribution built using Trisquel repositories.

The Uruk GNU/Linux team was excited to see the wide reach of their first most release, especially in Libre OS communities. Learning from their experience with Uruk 1.0, they’ve taken more effort to deliver a better release, ie, Uruk 2.0. Uruk 2.0 will be known by the code name lugalbanda which has root on a character mentioned in Sumerian mythology and literature and ancient Iraq history.

A file picture of Uruk GNU/Linux 1.0. Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0 screenshots will be published in Distroscreens soon

The main highlights of Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0 release includes, but not limited to:

  • A new repository for Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0
  • linux-libre 4.9.66 lts - A long term supported version of Linux-Libre Kernel. Linux-Libre is a variation of Linux Kernel without any proprietary blobs.
  • gcc 7
  • mate 1.12.1
  • Abrowser 57
  • New welcome screen
  • replace MDM with LightDM as a default DM
  • New control center
  • Guix Installer
  • Redesigned with new themes, cursor and wallpapers.
  • Includes various applications which will find use in day to day life, such as thunderbird, deluge, ffmulticonverter, vlc, libreoffice, rose crypt, uruk cleaner, AIA, diskman indicator, lightdm setting, gimp, upms, . . . and more.

You may also read Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0 release announcement published on project’s blog.