Uruk GNU/Linux is a 100% libre GNU/Linux distribution. The main objective of this distribution is to provide an easy-to-use, modern, general-purpose GNU/Linux distribution that is easy to configure and customize.

Uruk inherits from PureOS, a distribution focusing on the idea of convergence. It is shipped with a MATE Desktop environment with some cool Compiz effect to provide a modern and highly productive desktop experience. The initial versions of Uruk were based on Trisquel.

In addition to all provisions from a Debian family distribution, Uruk provides a command line utility to install RPM (Redhat Package Manager) packages. It also includes a simulator for various package management tools so that you can use any package management tool command to install, uninstall and update packages.

Type Linux
Status Active
Home Page https://urukproject.org/dist/en.html
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Base distributions
  • PureOS
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