Mr. Rodolphe has announced the release of Voyager 10. It is a major release of Voyager with Debian Buster base. In this release, the Voyager team has replaced Xfce Desktop with a customized version of GNOME shell.

Voyager 10 GNOME Desktop Voyager 10 GNOME Desktop

To reduce the security impacts and packaging effort, the Voyager 10 is kept in align with the upstream Debian release. However, it is shipped with some additional scripts, extensions and a set of smartly selected applications to provide a better user experience.

Why switching to GNOME now?

Years back, the GNOME Shell was rejected as the default desktop in Voyager considering it’s optimized resource usage, customizability, and flexibility. The Xfce Desktop was chosen for the same reasons.

After years, the Voyager team feels like GNOME is mature enough to use as the default desktop in Voyager. Also, Xfce development is moving very slowly. Even though Xfce 4.14 development is in progress, it is still not available in Debian repositories. So, the team decided to replace Xfce with GNOME shell. Xfce still may be considered in future releases.

Voyager 10 screenshots

The following section showcases some screenshots of Voyager 10 with GNOME shell. Some of the screens are exactly like in GNOME 10 Buster release.

Video Preview

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