The Voyager project has announced the release of Voyager 21.10 GE - the latest regular release from the Voyager Linux project. The Voyager 21.10 release inherits from Ubuntu Impish branch and features GNOME 40, and Linux Kernel 5.13 along with many other updates.

Voyager 21.10 GE featured image

As a regular release, Voyager 21.10 will be following the same life cycle as of the Ubuntu Impish branch, ie, 9 months.

What’s new in Voyager 21.10 GE?

Following are the noteworthy highlights in the Voyager 21.10 release.

  • Linux Kernel 5.13
  • GNOME 40 which improves the user experience significantly
  • Landlock - a new security module
  • A fresh wallpaper
  • Finely tuned GNOME shell with a nice collection of extensions.
  • Collection of conkies.

For more information and screenshots of Voyager 21.10 GE, read the official release announcement.

Download Voyager 21.10 GE

You can use the below links to download the bootable image of Voyager 21.10 GE. It is available only with GNOME flavor. Both GNOME and Xfce flavors will be available for LTS releases. Download Voyager 21.10 GE All download options for Voyager 21.10 GE

Video Preview

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