The Zorin Group has released Zorin OS 15.1, a minor update in Zorin OS 15.x series. This release includes the latest package updates from the upstream project and other project-specific improvements.

New font introduced in Zorin OS 15.1 The new font introduced in Zorin OS 15.1

Zorin OS 15.1 is founded on top of Ubuntu 18.04.x and inherits all the updates and improvements from Ubuntu. It provides a better and smoother user experience and offers a smooth transition for people coming from Windows 7.

The main highlights in Zorin 15.1 release are briefed below. For further information on Zorin OS 15.1, you can read the official release announcement published on the project’s website.

  • The Zorin Connect has been updated to provide better coordination between Android phones and the Desktop. The improved app provides a cursor following movements on the mobile and allows to control the playback of media player on mobile from the computer.
  • LibreOffice 6.3 - It provides better support for MS office documents and saving and opening documents are much faster now.
  • Introduces Game Mode to provide a better gaming experience. When this mode is enabled, the system will allocate more resources for the game. This mode will be enabled automatically when supporting games are open.
  • With the updated Zorin Appearance app, users can schedule to switch between dark and light themes.
  • A new font Sans Forgetica is introduced. It’s the perfect font to use when highlighting important points in your study notes.
  • Linux Kernel 5.0 which provides better hardware compatibility.

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