Mr. Eric Turgeon of GhostBSD project has announced the availability of GhostBSD 18.10 RC1. It is a development release of GhostBSD 18.10, which will be the first GhostBSD release that uses TrueOS base instead of FreeBSD.

GhostBSD 18.10 Preview

As per the initial plan, GhostBSD 18.10 uses MATE as default desktop environment. In the future, there may be some community releases showcasing other desktop environments like Xfce.

The main changes in GhostBSD 18.10 RC1, since v11.1 are as follows:

  • GhostBSD is now built from TrueOS instead of FreeBSD. A few months back, TrueOS had declared their plan to become a Core distribution, ie, a base distribution for other projects.
  • OpenRC is used as main init system
  • LibreSSL is inherited from the TrueOS base
  • The GhostBSD base system can now be upgraded to the next release via TrueOS packages base.
  • The GRUB bootloader is removed from the iso in favor of the new FreeBSD hybrid loader.
  • NetworkMgr now supports the option to manage multiple network card connection.
  • Unionfs was removed from the live session.
  • The live system has been rewritten to fix many issues
  • GhostBSD boots directly to mate session instead of dropping to console, and then starting the session through command.
  • GhostBSD supports ZFS BE by default
  • FreeBSD ports and packages are incompatible with GhostBSD 18.10
  • GhostBSD uses TrueOS ports to build packages.

You can read about GhostBSD 18.10 RC1 in projects blog.