On 5th June 2019, Zorin Group has announced the availability of Zorin 15. It is a stable release from the project featuring beautiful Zorin Desktiop. The Zorin has put at most effort to make this distribution much better & smoother. With the updated GNOME shell, Zorin 15 is able to provide a smoother and better user expeience.

The main highlihts of Zorin 15 includes,

  • Zorin Connect, a tool to connect your system and mobile devices, let it to be android or iOS. It provides various capabilities like synchrozing messages, transfering files, browsing photos, connecting internet ..etc.
  • With GNOME 3.30 and Linux Kernel 4.18 Zorin 15 provides a smoother user experience.
  • Refined desktop theme with 6 color variations with light and dark mode.
  • Dark & light theme that can be configured to automatically switch over the time.
  • New touch layout that can be set using Zoring Appearance tool
  • Redesigned with attractive look & feel.
  • GNOME Software with better integrated snap applications.
  • Donot disturb mode for notifications.
  • TODO App is included in default installation & more.

Video Preview

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