On 16th August 2020, the MX Linux team has announced the release of MX 19.2 KDE Edition. This release includes all the core features of MX distributions, plus a stable and pleasant Plasma desktop experience.

MX-19.2 KDE is the first official release from the MX project that features a KDE/Plasma desktop. It gives more priority for Qt-based applications that make Plasma experience more complete.

MX 19.2 KDE Preview

By introducing the Plasma Desktop in MX, the MX team is trying to make the distribution appealing for a wider range of users. Currently, MX officially supports Xfce and Fluxbox ecosystems.

The main highlights of MX-19.2 KDE include the below.

  • KDE/plasma 5.14.5 (current Debian buster version)
  • GIMP 2.10.12
  • MESA 20.0.7 (AHS)
  • MX AHS firmware package
  • Debian (AHS) 5.6 kernel
  • Browser: Firefox 79
  • Video Player: VLC 3.0.11
  • Music Manager/Player: Clementine 1.3.1
  • Email client: Thunderbird 68.11
  • Office suite: LibreOffice 6.1.5 (plus security fixes) (6.4 available in MX-Packageinstaller->Popular Apps)

For further information on MX-19.2 KDE release, read the official release announcement.

MX 19.2 KDE screenshots

These screenshots are captured on a BETA release of MX Linux 19.2 KDE. There could be slight difference with the final release

Video Preview

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