The deepin project has announced the release of deepin 15.7. This release brings various performance improvements, power optimization, and other critical bug fixes.

Category listing in deepin menu mini-mode

The deepin version number convention

Beginning from deepin 15.7, the project is changing the version number convention. The version number will be of the form X.Y.Z, in which X indicates the major version number. Currently, the major version number is 15, it indicates current version is developed and maintained from 2015. Y - indicates the subversion number, and it will come in a rough period of 3 months. Deepin releases with even subversion number will bring feature additions. While the odd releases will focus on bug fixes and stability improvements. The Z component in version number indicates the minor version number. It will be used if there is any minor update in the current release.

What is new in deepin 15.7?

deepin 15.7 is a release that focuses mainly on bug fixes and performance improvements. It synchronizes the latest packages from the upstream project, Debian. If you are updating from an existing installation, there will be more than 1G of package updates.

The main highlights of deepin 15.7 include,

  • Reduced ISO size. The deepin ISO size used to increase drastically, in proportion to the number of features and artworks added. With the 15.7 release, the team has reduced the ISO size to 2.5GB from the previous 3.1 GB. This is done by removing unnecessary components and packages from the system.
  • The overall power consumption is reduced by adding the power saving mode in deepin 15.7. It allows the system to automatically enter on power saving mode while running on battery. Preliminary tests show standby time extended by 20%.
  • The memory consumption on startup is reduced to 830MB. In the previous release, it was around 1.1 GB.
  • Other usability & configuration changes like power saving configuration in control panel, a time-costing prompt from bigger updates, category listing in application menu min-mode ..etc.

For more details on deepin 15.7, read official release announcement in projects blog.