The NetBSD project has announced the release of NetBSD 7.2, the second feature update in NetBSD 7.x series. NetBSD 7.2 brings a set of critical security updates and bug fixes along with some minor feature improvements.

NetBSD generic banner

As the version number signifies, NetBSD 7.2 is second maintenance release in 7.x series. The first release in this series was announced in September 2015. Since then, there have been several security updates. So it is highly recommended to install NetBSD 8.x if you are doing a fresh installation. NetBSD 7.2 is provided an updated image to existing 7.x users.

Some of the main highlights in NetBSD 7.2 release includes,

  • Support for USB 3.0.
  • Enhancements to the Linux emulation subsystem.
  • Fixes in binary compatibility for ancient NetBSD executables.
  • iwm(4) driver for Intel Wireless 726x, 316x, 826x and 416x series added.
  • Support for Raspberry Pi 3 added.
  • Fix interrupt setup on Hyper-V VMs with Legacy Network Adapter.
  • SVR4 and IBCS2 compatibility subsystems have been disabled by default (besides IBCS2 on VAX). These subsystems also do not auto-load their modules anymore.
  • Various USB stability enhancements.
  • Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements.

For further information and detailed change logs, you can proceed to the NetBSD 7.2 release announcement.