Mr Joshua Strobl has announced the availability Solus 3 ISO refresh, a stable snapshot of independently evolved, rolling GNU/Linux distribution. This release comes with updated Linux Kernel and other applications. It also includes more consistent user experience with improved theming and other artworks.

Solus 3 ISO refresh, a snap of different editions

Currently announced Solus 3 ISO refresh is identified by the version number 3.9999. It is available in all 3 official flavors of the Solus project, ie, Budgie, MATE and GNOME editions. Despite the edition chosen, Solus provides a consistent user experience across the entire system with the improved theming. It makes use of Adapta for GTK theming and Papirus for icon theming.

Solus 3.9999 brings Linux Kernel 4.18.5. It enables support for the recent CPUs from AMD and Intel. This includes the support for advanced technologies like high core count CPUs like AMD Threadripper 2. Additional hardware compatibility is enabled out-of-the-box by tuning kernel flags wisely.

The main changes in various Solus edition include,

  • GNOME: Removable Devices is extension is now enabled by default. It helps to mount/unmount partitions without opening Nautilus. The Nautilus is configured to open files and folders with a single click. Also, the thumbnail preview is enabled for network devices also. The search results in Nautilus have been limited to local in order to avoid performance delay.
  • MATE: A separator is added on the panel after the clock widget, to improve readability.

Solus 3.9999 brings a set of updated applications.

  • Firefox 62
  • LibreOffice
  • Rhythmbox 3.4.2
  • Thunderbird 60
  • GNOME MPV 0.14 in Budgie and GNOME editions
  • VLC 3.0.3 in MATE edition

For further information on Solus 3.9999, read the release announcement published in Solus website.