The Xubuntu project has unveiled Xubuntu 19.10, the latest stable release from the project. The main highlight of this release is Xfce 4.14, a stable release of projects flagship desktop environment.

Xubuntu Eoan Preview

Xfce 4.14 is empowered with Gtk 3.x and other modern technologies and continues to provide a solid user experience. This release of Xfce is a result of 4.5 years of development effort.

As usual conventions of Ubuntu life span, Xubuntu Eoan Ermine will be having a lifetime of 9 months. This is a very short period for people who are looking for a long term stable system. For such users, it is better to use Xubuntu 18.04 LTS release.

What is different in Xubuntu 19.10?

The main highlights of Xubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine are summarized below.

  • Xfce 4.14 - It comes with Gtk 3.x compatibility, better HiDPI screen support and more. Read Xfce 4.14 release news to understand more on this
  • The long-standing Xfce screensaver has been replaced with Light Locker. Light Locker is a result of years of development effort by GNOME and MATE communities. It works well with Xfce Desktop also.
  • Included additional desktop shortcuts to make it familiar for people migrating from other desktops.
  • From the Ubuntu Eoan roots, Xubuntu brings support for installing on ZFS file system. This is still an experimental feature. So should be used with caution.

For further details, read the Xubuntu 19.10 release announcement.

Download Xubuntu 19.10

Xubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine screenshots

Video Preview

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