Mr. anticapitalista has announced the release of antiX 19 with code name Marielle Franco. This is the latest stable release of Debian based GNU/Linux distribution that comes with no-systemd.

antiX 17.2 Hellen Keller File Picture antiX 17.2 Hellen Keller File Picture

antiX 19 is developed from Debian 10 Buster packages. Though it does not contain systemd - (an init system) or it’s dependencies. This means, with antiX 19 you can enjoy all of the benefits of Debian Buster and protect yourself from the sins of systemd.

antiX 19 flavors

As the usual release practice of antiX, antiX 19 is also coming in 4 different flavors. All these flavors are available for 32 BIT and 64 BIT machines. The 32-bit flavor makes uses a non-PAE kernel. It implies the 32-bit edition can not support RAM more than 4 GB.

  • The antiX-full edition comes with 4 window managers. IceWM (default), Fluxbox, jwm, and herbstluftwm. It also includes a full LibreOffice suite.
  • The antiX-base edition is the same as the full edition. The only difference in the unavailability of LibreOffice.
  • The antiX-core edition comes with no window managers. But it can support wireless connection.
  • The antiX-net edition provides a bare minimum system for connecting to the internet and to install the system

What’s new in antiX - 19?

The main highlights in antiX - 19 are listed below.

  • Based on Debian Buster, but without systemd and libsystemd0.
  • eudev (3.2.8) instead of systemd-udev
  • Customised 4.9.193 kernel with fbcondecor splash
  • LibreOffice (6.1.5-3) (full version only)
  • firefox-esr (60.9.0esr-1)
  • claws-mail (3.17.3-2)
  • cups for printing (full versions only)
  • xmms -for audio
  • gnome-mpv – for playing video
  • smtube and mps-tube – play youtube videos without a using a browser
  • streamlight-antix – stream videos with very low RAM usage.
  • qpdfview – pdf reader
  • formatusb, for formatting usb storage devices
  • Set Date & Time, to make clock setting chores easier
  • arc-evopro2-theme
  • Papirus icons
  • new wallpaper artwork
  • updated video configurations via vcard boot code (F4).
  • improved support for frugal installations on ntfs devices
  • live system now boots with an informative text-based bootsplash.
  • “safe” video boot mode from live boot menus should get to X when all else fails.

For further details on antiX-19, read the release announcement published on the project’s official website.