The Enso project has announced the release of Enso 0.3.1. It is the latest minor release of Enso OS.

The main highlights of Enso OS release includes

  • The latest security and critical system updates from Ubuntu 18.04
  • The AppHive has been updated with some improvements. AppHive has a cleaner look and interface now. Please note, AppHive is a fork of AppCenter from elementary OS project.
  • The greeter screen is updated with autofocus on the password field. Also, the guest user account is disabled by default.
  • The plank dock is merged with the main branch and brings better HiDP support.
  • The default wallpaper is updated. Also, some additional wallpapers are added.

As an evolving distribution, Enso 0.3.1 has some rough corners when it comes to functionality. This includes the inability to tap using the touchpad and some delay in launching application menu, ..etc

Keeping the rough edges apart, Enso 0.3.1 is very interesting. It includes a unique combination of technologies that we have not seen in any other distribution. Let us have a quick look of Enso 0.3.1 screenshots.

Video Preview

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