The CutefishOS team has announced the release of CutefishOS 0.7. CutefishOS is a GNU/Linux cum desktop project offering a user-friendly, efficient and beautiful desktop experience.

The CutefishOS 0.7 Beta release introduces more functionalities and features. With this release, CutefishOS takes another step towards being a full-fledged desktop operating system.

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What’s new in CutefishOS 0.7 Beta?

The following section briefly explains the noteworthy improvements in the CutefishOS 0.7 Beta release.


  • Users can now connect with hidden WiFi networks.
  • Introduces a Default applications section
  • Introduces Do Not Disturb mode for notifications
  • Introduces natural scrolling option for touchpad
  • Introduces System update GUI

File Manager

  • Introduces USB drive safe removal options
  • Introduces Uninstall disk partition
  • Improves UI detail listing
  • Run application shortcuts (Desktop files)
  • Support shortcut key Ctrl + Z to undo the operation


  • Introduces the right click to uninstall option
  • Add font configuration to the desktop backend to solve the abnormal display of fonts in some scenarios
  • Support high resolution in the login interface (sddm)
  • Support dragging and dropping files to the dock trash
  • Added GTK theme to make the GTK application more integrated with CutefishOS style

You can read about the CutefishOS 0.7 Beta release in the projects forum.

Download CutefishOS 0.7 Beta

You can download CuteifishOS 0.7 Beta from the following direct links.

Download CutefishOS 0.7 Beta (Google Drive) Download CutefishOS 0.7 Beta (MEGA)

CutefishOS 0.7 Beta screenshots

Video Preview

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