The deepin project has announced the release of deepin 20.2.2. deepin 20.2.2 is a successor of deepin 20.2.1. It introduces a brand new app store which will significantly improve user workflow. This release also brings updated kernel, usability improvements, and few other optimizations and bug fixes.

deepin 20.2.2 preview

What is new in deepin 20.2.2?

The noteworthy highlights in the deepin 20.2.2 release are as follows.

Brand-new App Store

deepin 20.2.2 introduces a brand new app store. With a fresh design, the app store improves the user experience. It makes the user workflow easier with a better content layout, optimized categories, and sorting applications with ranking. Also, it offers batch installation to save time. This app store also brings android containers and android applications support.

New App Sotre in deepin 20.2.2

Secure Boot Support

The deepin has received a Secure Boot Certificate. deepin is the first GNU/Linux distribution from China to receive this certificate. When the user boots deepin on a UEFI-only system, the system will load a signed kernel. Also, it is trusted by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) - a Secure Boot certification authority.

Kernel updates

deepin 20.2.2 comes with a stable Linux Kernel 5.12 and LTS Linux Kernel 5.12. These kernels will further improve the compatibility and stability

Other updates

deepin 20.2.2 is coming with several bug fixes and improvements on deepin desktop (DDE), File Manager, Browser, Control Center, Album, Music App, Draw App, and Package installer. You can read further about these changes on deepin 20.2.2 official release announcement.

Download deepin 20.2.2

You may download deepin 20.2.2 from the following official sources. Download deepin 20.2.2 (Official) Download deepin 20.2.2 (OSDN) Download deepin 20.2.2 (Source Forge) Download deepin 20.2.2 (Google Drive) Download deepin 20.2.2 (Torrent)

deepin 20.2.2 screenshots & preview video

Video Preview

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