The deepin community has announced the release of Deepin OS V23 Alpha 2 - the second development release before the upcoming Deepin 23 release. The Deepin OS V23 Alpha 2 release further enhances the desktop experience to improve the user experience.

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What is new in Deepin OS V23 Alpha 2?

The key highlights of the Deepin OS V23 Alpha 2 release are briefly explained below.

  • Redesigns the Control Center with “flow design” a workflow found effective by the deepin community.
  • Updated the Sound, Battery, and Bluetooth plugins on the Dock to follow the flow design.
  • Introduces System theme customization option.
  • Enhances the design and behavior of the launcher and Dock.
  • Introduces the option to uninstall Linglong apps.
  • Introduces support for snapshot backup and ostree backup.
  • Introduces system restore option in GRUB.
  • Updated to Qt 5.15.7
  • Dozens of bug fixes.

For a complete list of enhancements and improvements in the Deepin V23 Alpha 2 release, see the official release announcement on the project’s website.

Download Deepin OS V23 Alpha 2

The Deepin OS V23 Alpha 2 images are available for download from the Deepin website.

Download Deepin OS V23 Alpha 2

Video Preview

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