The Damn Small Linux team has released Release Candidate 4 (RC4) for DSL 2024! This update brings a series of improvements focused on user experience, administrative tasks, and international accessibility.

Damn Small Linux RC4 featured image

What’s new in Damn Small Linux (DSL) RC4?

Improved User Experience

  • A cleaner desktop environment is achieved by adding missing icons and removing extraneous ones from both Fluxbox and JWM menus. This results in a less cluttered look and feel.
  • A unified theme is now implemented across user and root administrative programs, enhancing user familiarity and reducing confusion.

Enhanced Administrative Capabilities

  • The inclusion of “su-to-root” functionality allows for easier access to administrative controls directly from the Control Center.

Expanded International Support

  • DSL 2024 RC4 welcomes new users with support for German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese languages, increasing its global appeal.

Additional Highlights:

  • The Dillo web browser has been compiled and updated to the improved version 3.1.0, potentially offering performance and stability enhancements.
  • Explore the exciting world of Gemini web browsing with the pre-installed Gemini Dillo plugin (accessible through bookmarks).

These updates make DSL 2024 RC4 an even more attractive option for users seeking a lightweight, versatile Linux distribution.

Calling All Refurbished Tech Partners!

The Damn Small Linux team is seeking collaborations with businesses that sell used and refurbished laptops. Together, they can breathe new life into older machines and empower users with a robust and efficient computing experience.

Stay Tuned & Download Damn Small Linux RC4

The Damn Small Linux team is dedicated to continuous improvement. Download DSL 2024 RC4 and experience the latest advancements. Stay tuned for future updates as they work towards the official release!

For furhter information, see the DSL RC4 release announcement in forum post.

Download DSL RC4