Coinciding with the end of life for Windows 7, Linux Lite team has released Linux Lite 4.8. In addition to the user updates, Linux Lite 4.8 offers a more familiar experience for Windows 7 users.

Linux Lite 4.8 Preview

In the official release announcement, Linux Lite team explains how Linux Lite 4.8 can be a better replacement for Windows 7 and what are the key features that make the distribution to stand out in the crowd.

“Lite makes the transition to a Linux based operating system by offering a full, Microsoft compatible Office suite, familiar software like Firefox, Chrome, Teamviewer, VLC as well as full system back up tools, a comprehensive - easy to follow Help Manual to guide you on your journey, Steam so you can keep playing your Windows games and so much more familiar software. Our Desktop is laid out just like it is in Windows with a Start Menu to the left and a tray to the right with Volume, Network and Calendar options, with familiar Desktop icons that take you exactly where you want to go on your system.”

The key highlights of Linux Lite 4.8 Final release are briefed below.

  • A wallpaper that looks more like the default wallpaper in Windows 7.
  • Out of the box, VirtualBox support was removed to speed-up booting.
  • Linux Kernel - 4.15.0-74
  • Firefox 71.0
  • LibreOffice:
  • and more.

For a complete list of updates & screenshots of Linux Lite 4.8 release, see the project’s official release announcement.