On behalf of the Linux Lite project, Mr. Jerry has announced the release of Linux Lite 5.2, an incremental update in the Linux Lite 5.x series. The Linux Lite 5.2 release is coming with all the updates from the Ubuntu 20.04 LTSL baseline and also ships a handful of Linux Lite specific improvements.

Linux Lite 5.2 banner

The main highlights in Linux Lite 5.2 release are as follows.

  • Added the option to configure Firewall from the control center
  • Added the option to configure Lite Widget from the control center
  • Following the community feedback, updated the Lite Widget to show battery status.
  • Included more screensavers
  • Added Taskbar restore option in Lite Tweaks.
  • Introduced US English spell checker in LibreOffice.
  • Removed deprecated Gtk 2.x applications and themes.
  • Removed Adobe Flash
  • The Grub menu is cleaner now.
  • Included SimpleScreenRecorder, Zoom and MicroSoft teams in Lite Software.
  • Additional wallpapers.
  • Updated theme packages & others.

For a complete list of changes, read the Linux Lite 5.2 official release announcement in the projects forum.

Linux Lite 5.2 screenshots

Video Preview

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