On 31st August 2021, the Linux Lite team has announced the availability of the Linux Lite 5.6 STABLE release. Linux Lite is a midweight GNU/Linux distribution with the Ubuntu Core and Xfce Desktop environment.

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Linux Lite 5.6 release includes all the package updates from Ubuntu 20.04 repositories and also Linux Lite specific enhancements.

Towards the Pay What You Want model.

Beginning from the Linux Lite 5.6, the project is moving towards a Pay what you want model. With this approach, users can pay a nominal amount when downloading the Linux Lite 5.6 release. If anyone is not able to pay, they can choose to not pay and download Linux Lite 5.6 for free.

This approach will help the Linux Lite project to meet its financial expenses.

Pay what you want option

What’s new in Linux Lite 5.6?

Following are the salient features is in the Linux Lite 5.6 release.

  • The Help Manual has been updated.
  • You can now install Linux Lite directly from Lite Welcome
  • Updated Papirus icon theme
  • Seven new wallpapers are introduced.
  • Lite tweaks come with full support for the Brave Browser
  • Ability to customize GRUB from the Lite Tweaks.
  • Python3 is the default python
  • Kernel: 5.4.0-81 ( custom kernels also available via our Repository for versions 3.13 - 5.14 )
  • Firefox: 91.0.1
  • Thunderbird: 78.11.0
  • LibreOffice:
  • VLC:
  • Gimp: 2.10.18
  • Base: 20.04.3

For more information on Linux Lite 5.6, read the official release announcement in projects forum.

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