The Linux Lite community has announced the availability of Linux Lite 7.0 RC1 for testing. With a focus on maturity, this release marks 12 years of refining and enhancing the Linux Lite experience, guided by community feedback and a commitment to a solid, secure foundation.

Linux Lite 7.0 RC1 featured image

Scheduled for its grand debut on June 1st, 2024, Linux Lite 7.0, codenamed Galena, promises several improvements and features. Let’s dive into what this release has in store.

Key Changes in Linux Lite 7.0 RC1

  • Thunar 4.18.8 - Split View: Offering enhanced file management capabilities, the latest version of Thunar brings a split view mode, empowering users with efficient navigation and organization of files.
  • New Install Slides: Simplifying the installation process, Linux Lite introduces new install slides, streamlining setup for users.
  • Theme and Design Elements:
    • Window Theme: Materia
    • Icon Theme: Papirus
    • Font: Roboto Regular

Under the Hood

Linux Lite 7.0 RC1 comes packed with a suite of powerful software components, including:

  • Kernel: 6.8.0-31 (Custom kernels also available via the Repository for versions 3.13 - 6.8)
  • Chrome: 124.0
  • Thunderbird: 115.10.1
  • LibreOffice:
  • VLC: 3.0.20
  • Gimp: 2.10.36
  • Base: 24.04

Download Linux Lite 7.0 RC1

With Linux Lite 7.0 RC1, users can expect a refined, feature-rich experience that exemplifies the project’s dedication to simplicity, stability, and community-driven development. Get ready to explore the next evolution of Linux Lite!

Linux Lite 7.0 RC1 is available for download from the project’s official SourceForge page. For other download options, you may see the Linux Lite 7.0 RC1 release announcement.

Download Linux Lite 7.0 RC1