The Manjaro team has announced the release of Manjaor 18.10, the latest stable snapshot of Arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution. In addition to the officially supported Xfce, Plasma and GNOME Editions, there are community editions including LXDE, LXQt, i3, and MATE.

A preview of Manjaro 18.10 Juhraya

In addition to usual package updates, Juhraya includes many other visible and under the hood improvements.

Choose between office suites

Till Manjaro 18.10, LibreOffice was an integral part of Manjaro releases. With every regular install, you’ll be having LibreOffice by default. This convention has changed in Juhraya.

The Manjaro 18.10 allows you to choose between LibreOffice, FreeOffice or no office suite at all during the installation.

FreeOffice is for those who prefer to have better compatibility with Microsoft Office Documents. It uses the same document format as Microsoft Office is using. Also, considering the demand from the community, support for older formats like PPT, DOC, and XLS is included.

Integrated flatpak and snap support

With the graphical package management tool “bauh” (formerly known as “fpakman”), Manjaro provides better support for flatpak and snap packages.

Flatpak and snap are distribution independent formats for packaging applications.

Better Desktop integration

All Manjaro official flavors, ie, Xfce, Plasma and GNOME and some of the community editions provide an improved desktop experience.

The new Matcha theme in Xfce Edition, a redesigned messaging system in KDE, and new buttons in GNOME are some factors contribute to the improved desktop integration.

Manjaro 18.10 Juhraya is shipped with Xfce 4.14, Plasma 5.16 and GNOME 3.32.

Note: This post is reproduced from Manjaro 18.10 official release announcement.

Manjaro 18.10 Xfce Edition screenshots