Mr. Philm has announced the release of Manjaro 23.1 with the code name Vulcan. The Manjaro 23.1 is a rolling update in the Manjaro 23 series, and it is the first release featuring Pipewire 1.0 (an audio management server).

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What’s new in Manjaro 23.1 Vulcan?

The following section briefly explains the key highlights of the Manjaro 23.1 Vulcan in each edition.

  • GNOME Edition: The Manjaro GNOME edition brings GNOME 45, released last September, and it also includes the bug fixes and improvements since its initial release. In GNOME 45, the “Activities” button in the top bar has been updated. Instead of a fixed label, it now shows a dynamic workspace indicator. Search performance improvement is another key highlight in the GNOME 45. It benefits several apps in the GNOME stack and reduces overall resource usage. Also, several GNOME apps now use the fresh UI components from the Gtk library.
  • Plasma Edition: The Plasma edition has the latest Plasma 5.27 LTS and KDE Gear 23.08.3 8. It makes your desktop better with a tiling window system, a stylish app theme, neater tools, and widgets for more control over the machine.
  • Xfce Edition: The Xfce Edition brings Xfce 4.18 with several changes. In Thunar file manager, there’s a new feature for highlighting files. You can set special background colors and text colors for specific files, making them stand out in a directory with similar-looking files. Also, Thunar has a search function that looks through folders and subfolders.
  • Manjaro 23.1 Vulcan includes Linux Kernel 6.6 LTS to support the most recent hardware available with the latest drivers. Also, with the 6.1 LTS and 5.15 LTS, Manjaro offers additional support for older hardware as needed.

For further information on Manjaro 23.1 Vulcan read the official release announcement in the projects forum.

Download Manjaro 23.1 Vulcan

Manjaro 23.1 Vulcan is available for download from the projects official website, and as torrent. Download Manjaro 23.1 Vulcan Xfce Edition (ISO) Download Manjaro 23.1 Vulcan Plasma Edition (ISO) Download Manjaro 23.1 Vulcan GNOME Edition (ISO) All Download Options