The Netrunner team has announced the release of Netrunner 18.03 Idolon, the latest stable snapshot of Debian testing based GNU/Linux distribution featuring latest plasma desktop environment. This release includes various updates from upstream distribution, along with a set of redesigned visual effects, theme and wallpapers.

A preview of Netrunner 18.03

What are highlights of Netrunner 18.03 snapshot?

In addition to various package updates and bug fixes from Debian testing branch, following are important highlights of Netrunner 18.03 snapshot.

  • Beginning from 18.03 snapshot, Netrunner will be including more packages from upstream directly. This will help the project to maintain better compatibility with base distribution while continuously updating the testing repository.
  • Just like in rolling edition, Netrunner 18.03 also includes Yarock, a Qt-based music player which supports a wide range of online streaming networks.
  • Discover, the plasma software center is back in Netrunner desktop edition. Also, there is firefox with plasma integration and suse image writer. MintUpdate is still available in this release to enable update in a classical way.
  • Netrunner 18.03 features settings window with sidebar layout. All UI related customization options can be found under Plasma Tweaks tab.
  • Various updated packages like
    • KDE Plasma 5.12.2
    • KDE Frameworks 5.42
    • KDE Applications 17.08.3
    • Qt 5.9.2
    • Linux Kernel 4.14
    • Firefox Quantum 58.0.1
    • Thunderbird 52.6.0
    • LibreOffice 6.0.2

Where can I download Netrunner 18.03?

Netrunner 18.03 is only available for 64-bit architectures. The installation image has a size of 2.4 GiB and can be downloaded using following links.