Welcome to the 79th Weekly News Feed of OpenSourceFeed portal. This week, we have migrated to a different platform to provide news in a more organized way. In this platform we have individual pages for each popular distributions and desktop environments and you can find news related to each of them in their respective pages.

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Running Arch Linux on a Lenovo Yoga 900
01/20/2017 05:30 AM

Over the years GNU/Linux operating system has grown to support a wide range of hardware devices. Also, there are some companies like system 76 who mainly focus on building GNU/Linux powered laptops. Most of the big players like HP, Dell, Lenovo has introduced few special laptops to attract GNU/Linux enthusiasts.

elementary OS looks cool but package management is a pain : Review
01/20/2017 05:30 AM

elementary OS has received a lot of visibility within a relatively small span of time and introducing elementary OS will be redundant for an average GNU/Linux user. If someone does not have heard about elementary, it is an Ubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution shipping a simple, elegant & responsive user interface which is called as Pantheon. Pantheon features some cool components like Slingshot application menu, switchboard configuration app, a cool dock ..etc.

Linux Mint 18.1 KDE beta released
01/16/2017 05:30 AM

The Linux Mint team has announced availability of Linux Mint 18.1 KDE beta, development release for upcoming Linux Mint distribution featuring KDE Plasma as default desktop environment. Linux Mint 18.x series is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and hence will be supported till 2021.

Debian 9 Stretch installer rc1 released
01/16/2017 05:30 AM

The Debian Installer team has announced availability of first release candidate for Debian 9 Stretch Installer rc1. This release is coming after several alpha releases and can expect improved stability and robustness.

Debian 8.7 released with critical security fixes
01/15/2017 05:30 AM

Debian - The Universal Operating System developers has announced release of Debian 8.7, 7th updated snapshot in Debian 8.x Jessy branch. This release includes some security fixes and resolutions for other critical issues reported in previous snapshots.

Manjaro 17.0 Gellivara Alpha 2 released in KDE & Xfce flavors
01/11/2017 05:30 AM

Mr Philm - member of Manjaro development team has announced availability of Manjaro 17.0 Alpha 2 for testing. As any other official releases of Manjaro, this release also includes KDE & Xfce flavors.

MX Linux 16 keeps a good balance between performance and elegance : Review
01/09/2017 05:30 AM

MX Linux is a Debian stable based GNU/Linux distribution grown as a cooperative venture between the antiX and retired MEPIS communities. It makes use of best tools and technologies from both distributions. In terms of resource usage, it is expected to be a midweight(somewhere between lightweight and heavy distributions) which combines a beautiful and efficient Xfce desktop with Debian to provide a highly stable, solid operating system.

Deepin Technology gets a new community website
01/09/2017 05:30 AM

The Deepin Technology team has announced launch of new community website for the deepin technology - a Chinese firm doing innovative development on free & open source technologies.

Ultimate 5.0 Gamers Edition released
01/08/2017 05:30 AM

Mr Theehman, core developer of Ultimate OS has announced release of Ultimate 5.0 Gamers edition, latest stable release of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution specifically developed for gamers. This release ships numerous games of reasonable quality.

Maui Linux 2.1 is a suprisingly good plasma distribution : Review
01/08/2017 05:30 AM

The Maui Linux is a reborn version of Ubuntu based Netrunner Desktop edition featuring KDE Plasma desktop. Netrunner Desktop edition is still alive (at least by that name), but is based on Debian instead of Ubuntu. Maui Linux is based on KDE Neon project which is basically Ubuntu LTS with latest KDE Plasma presentation layer.