I was longing to explore the Nitrux OS for a long time. But I was not able to explore this distribution because of its special installation procedure. Also, my laptop is not modern enough to explore this distribution on bare metal. Then came DistroTest as a savior.

A preview of Global Menu on Nitrux

What is DistroTest?

Simply speaking, DistroTest is an online platform for exploring the different operating systems without installing. It allows us to launch an instance of a Virtual Machine on a remote host and to connect to the same using a VNC client.

Currently, there are 249 OS distributions available on DistroTest. If we consider the different versions also, there are a total of 834 versions.

For providing fair access to all the users, DistroTest puts us on a queue, when we request to launch a distribution. After a usual wait time of 3 minutes, it will start an instance in a remote host and launch a web-based VNC client. Alternatively, we can use a native VNC client for viewing the remote host. DistroTest also restricts the total usage time for each distribution to 30 minutes.

How did Nitrux perform on DistroTest?

DistroTest allocates a 2 GB of RAM for Nitrux, which is not adequate for this distribution. So, the performance was poor. Still, I’m happy because finally, I’m able to explore the beautiful implementation of Nitrux Desktop.

The following section showcases some screenshots of Nitrux captured on DistroTest. The quality of screenshots is comparatively poor as it is captured on a remote host.