The SolydXK project has announced the release of SolydXK 10, the latest stable release of Debian based GNU/Linux distribution. This release has its foundation laying on Debian 10.1 Buster.

SolydK 10 Preview

The main highlights of SolydXK 10 are summarized below.

  • All updated packages from the Debian Buster branch. The packages are up-to-date with Debian 10.1 release.
  • The distribution now supports localization from the boot menu itself. Hence the locale-specific images have been removed.
  • Brand new Grub theme
  • The image writer tool is redesigned to deliver a faster, smoother and consistent user experience.
  • The Firefox browser is patched with an additional distribution-specific package, to provide better privacy.
  • All unnecessary packages have been removed from the installation image. This ensures, proper usage of space.

For more updates from the SolydXK project, read SolydXK 10 release announcement on the project’s website.

SolydK 10 screenshots

Video Preview

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