The SolydXK team has announced availability of SolydXK 201801, an updated snapshot for Debian based GNU/Linux distribution. This snapshot includes various updates from base distribution, latest Linux Kernel with Meltdown vulnerability patch, and a centralized Control Center called SolydXK System Settings.

SolydXK banner

After installation, SolydXK provides a Welcome App from which users can choose additional packages to install. This LetoDMS (Document Management System) has been removed from Welcome Application as it is not working well with SolydXK. It is also removed from project repositories. The SolydXK team suggests to use SeedDMS instead.

Though, SolydXK is basically a Dutch operating system, it provides international community as well. The project maintainer has decided to maintain an official German image to accomodate German users. Community editions like 32 bit image and Enthusiast’s editions (based on Debian Buster) will be made available in near future.

Other highlights from SolydXK 201801 release includes:

  • Device Driver Manager (DDM) has been integrated.
  • Debian Plymouth Manager has been integrated.
  • Add new partitions to Fstab.
  • Safely remove old kernel packages.

For more information, see original release announcement published in SolydXK website.